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Your CPU May Have A Problem

Normally, I’m used to PC’s giving me beep codes when they don’t boot up correctly. However, I worked on a computer today with an AOpen motherboard. When it booted I received the audio prompt telling me “your CPU may have a problem”. This sound repeated every few seconds until I shut the computer down. Sometimes the computer would boot properly, but most of the time I was stuck in an endless loop telling me about the CPU problem.

As with most computers that I work on, I open the case and thoroughly blow out any dust, cobwebs, and other things from the computer. Then I removed and reseated all the internal cards connecting to the motherboard including the RAM.  Since the computer was several years old and the customer was also complaining of the time and date never being correct, I replaced the CMOS battery as well.

I started the computer up once more and was met by the familiar audio prompt telling me about the problem with the CPU. I really should listen to the computer instead of just assuming I know how to fix it. I removed the heatsink and fan from the CPU next. Extracted the CPU from the motherboard and checked for any bent pins or other issues. I cleaned the thermal paste from the CPU and reseated it in the motherboard socket. Finally, I removed the thermal paste from the heatsink and applied my favorite paste “Arctic Silver” to the CPU, then replaced the heatsink and fastened it securely.

Now for the real test, I booted the computer once more and heard the “All’s Well” one beep from the motherboard as it booted into Windows XP and worked perfectly.

The job is finished and another customer is happy.

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