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November Updates to PCHell

I just completed adding several articles to

 A Vista related article concerning how to turn the ease of access keyboard on or off.

An article on a program called BLService found on some HP computers with Vista that deals with the Microsoft BitLocker program.

and finally an article on a Kaspersky antivirus error with the HP keyboard filter driver HPQKBFILTR.SYS and how to resolve it.

These articles are pretty specific in nature, but hopefully they will help someone that runs across the same problem. I hit all three problems on the same laptop that I was working on for a customer this weekend.

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Invalid Update Control CTF File in AVG 8.0

I was working on a customer’s computer yesterday and their AVG antivirus program didnt appear to be updating correctly. When I ran a manual update I received an error about an “invalid update control CTF file”. After some searching on the Internet I was able to find a solution. 

A fellow named Gary James that runs a blog called Strategy Online has actually created a program named AVG Mechanic to delete all the CTF files in the C:\Users\All Users\avg8\update\download directory and clear up this problem.

Visit Gary’s blog and download AVG Mechanic if you receive this message.

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